1. First of all, you need to download njRAT from the Github repository and install it.
2. Then we open the ports, fortunately, there is plenty of information about this on the network.
3. After starting the program, enter the port that you just opened and press the "Start" button.
4. To create a virus, go to the Builder menu in the lower left corner.  In the window that appears, write the information: "Host" and "Port", each of them are individual, enter our own;  Then the field with the name of the future file follows, we enter any;  "ExeName" is the name of the future process in the Task Manager;  "Directory", the path in which the copy of the file will be stored, select the most reliable "% AppData%".
5. On the right are additional, protective, settings.  We activate all the checkboxes, except for the last item.
6. Click "Builder" and save the file.


A new file has been created, which will activate the remote access virus.  It can be sent to a future victim.  If launched, an additional window will appear in the njRAT program, in which the victim's computer will be displayed. Brought to you by hackfreaks official.  We right-click on this field and get full control over the remote device.

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