[1] First you need heroku, github accounts


:black_small_square:How create heroku account ?
Press this link and make new account it same like facebook signup :- https://signup.heroku.com

:black_small_square:How create Github account ?
Click this link and sign up :- https://github.com/join

its very easy and if you get any issu while create new account serch youtube there are lot of videos about it

[2] You need some important values

:black_small_square:HOW GET TELEGRAM APIKEY,HASH

Please go-to :- my.telegram.org

[warning in some countried this link not wark use any vpn things to do it like turbo vpn]
Login using your Telegram account
Click on API Development Tools
Create a new application, by entering the required details
copy your tepegram api id , telegram api hash

Store them safe place


Install termux from playstore :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux

For make Telegram-String in termux

If First time then you need to install some just copy this , hit enter in termux
(tap to copy)

termux-setup-storage && cd $RK && apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt install git -y && git clone https://github.com/rekcah-pavi/javes && apt install git python -y && pip install telethon

Wait untill installing finish After you done type this for get string then open new window session (or close re open termux) copy paste given link's 2nd command hit enter

cd $RK && cd javes && python string_session.py

It will ask telegram api so paste your telegram api key here hit enter
then it ask apk hash , past your copied api hash
then it ask your same telegram account's phone number type it hit enter
then it ask login code , go telegram copy paste login code

( if you have two step verification pin you need to enter that too)
then hit enter it will give you telegram string copy that , store it safe place

:black_small_square:How get heroku api key
First you need heroku account , Go to heroku and create new account then , Open heroku , go your account scroll down then you will see api key , press reval then copy that , store safe

[3] Now open javes code in crome browser that you used to make heroku,github accounts

Open Javes Userbot code link :- https://github.com/rekcah-pavi/javes
Press destop version , then zoom , then click to auto deploy , then see automatically open heroku

[4] Heroku setup guide

:black_small_square: Setup Add app name , heroku app name first
Your app name , heroku_appname must same thats all [you can use any name but both must be same]
add your saved heroku api key as HEROKU_API_KEY

:black_small_square:Setup telegram api,hash,steing

paste your telegram hash

paste your telegram key

paste your string session that you saved

[5] Then click deploy , wait 10 minute , press manage app

[6] Enjoy type " !help " for get full guide
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